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Zagora: The biggest village and the one with the greatest history in Eastern Pelio, spread on a bright green and sun-drenched side of the mountain, is divided in four big quarters (Agia Paraskevi or Perahora, Agia Kyriaki, Agios Georgios, Sotira). According to one version, its name comes from the Slav "za-gora", which means "behind the mountain".

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zagora-pelion-1_applesZagora is a place renowned for its natural beauties and the tradition in arts and studies since the Turkish occupation. Home of eminent men, who were distinguished in sciences and commerce. Very important commercial centre during that period, with a remarkable fleet, the famous "Ships of  Zagora", which had Horefto as a base and used to carry the local products to the big European ports. Tradition goes on and today, Zagora has an equally important economic activity through the cultivation of the renowned "Apple of Zagora" and the Agricultural Association, which is the main factor of its modern Prosperity. Established in October 1915 and until now, it is thought to be one of the most remarkable associations of the country and the biggest corporation of collection of the sweetest and the most aromatic apples.
zagora-pelion_applesThe women of Zagora have their own "special" Association, where they prepare local sweets, marmelades and liqueurs with
great artistry and fantasy.
Zagora is exquisite all year round, ideal for winter and summer vacations with a large amount of enterprises that offer hospitality, good traditional food and
all those modern comforts that can satisfy even the most demanding clients. With its traditional stone-made houses coming out of the mountain's dense vegetation, the wonderful noble houses called "Arhontika", the churches, the springs, the stone-made bridges, the delightful routes and the various cultural and sports activities in the summer, a true jewel, Zagora offers many chances for rest and entertainment, as it generously offers its "fruits" and hospitality.
Horefto is the seaside resort, haven
of Zagora with an important tourist infrastructure, several lodgings, restaurants and bars.
There is a 2,5 km long beach of unique beauty, where the green joins the blue, the golden sand and the deep blue water of the sea.
A municipal camping runs at Horefto in a beautiful space, incredibly fresh with plenty of plane trees. Next to the long beach there is another one called "Parisaina" (6 km from Zagora) for the more "solitary" visitors.


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