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Discovering... hidden treasures

The dense vegetation sweeps round the whole mountain of the Centaurs and joins Zagora with Horefto. The human eye can rest and the soul calms, filled with the land's colours and smells.
In this earthly paradise that takes you straight to the Sky, there have always been plenty of churches and monasteries. The churches, shelters of the soul, hide priceless treasures that wait to be discovered. The church of Agia Paraskevi was built in 1803 and hides inside itself some wonderful religious paintings and an extremely beautiful, embroided with gold epitaph, of Russian origin.
Agia Kyriaki was built around 1740. Its gold-plated episcopal throne, pulpit and temple were made by a skilful woodcutter and are of unique beauty. Agios Georgios is a model three-aisle church of Pelio. It was built during the superintendence of Patriarch Kallinikos between 1762 and 1792.
Its gold-plated and woodcut episcopal throne, pulpit and iconostasis borrow their motives form nature and tradition. "Metamorfosi" or "Sotira" is the fourth parish church of Zagora and has a very old history. It is situated where, around 1168, used to be a monastery that was built by Christian kings. The modern, snow-white church has a different architecture from the other three. It has a woodcut temple with simple sculptured representations of vine leaves and grapes. Around the area of Zagora there were three more Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches that no longer exist. At Horefto the small churches of Agios Nikolaos and Agios loannis were built in 1651 a.C and before 1800 a.C. respectively. The fountains of Pelio are representatives of high-level art.

The oldest is the "fountain of Despotis", which was built in 1765 by the Patriarch of Constantinoples, Kallinikos III. The "fountain of Krallis" at the quarter or Agios Georgios is the biggest and it was built in 1825.
The "Sevastous" fountain and the fountain "Neiadon Numfon" at the square of Agios Georgios are also extremely beautiful. Zagora is a large village with many "Arhontika" and here, popular artisans borrow their motives from the joyful nature that surrounds them.
The architecture style of the houses belongs to the so-called North Hellenic architecture. Extremely impressive are the "Arhontika" of the 17th-18th century, such as those of Kassavetis, Prigos, Fronimos. The historical library of Zagora is situated in the main square of Agios Georgios, in a new beautifully shaped space that worths a visit. Today the library has 18,000 books, approximately, of rare editions that are valuable for the time, the place and the way they were edited.
The "Ellinomouseio" (Riga's School) was founded in 1712 and during the summer you will find a permanent exhibition of copies of the library's antique books and manuscripts.
It also shelters many other exhibitions. The ski resort of Pelio is 20 km far from Zagora and you can find a mountain refuge, a skiing school and a first-aid station there. Just everything for those who love winter sports.
Pelio is inexhaustible! Wonderful walks on paths, cobbled and country roads, combining easy hikes, camping and swimming.


At Makrirahi you will find the church of Timios Prodromos, which was renovated in 1851 with wonderful stone sculptures, as well as the churches of Profitis Elias, Agioi Anargiroi and Agios Konstantinos. At Pouri the paintings on the temple of Ai-Lias date back to 1161. In other words, it was built in the 12th century, when the old monastery of Panagia Rassova in Zagora was founded.
On the way from Zagora to Pouri you will find the torrent called Kalokairinos and at the location called "Megalovrahos" the water comes crashing down from a 100 m height and in winter it forms the most spectacular waterfall of Pelio. You can travel by boat from Horefto to the sea area of Mitzela and to Ipnous, while, on your way there, you can admire the famous "caves".
Apple trees and chestnut trees, colourful flowers, limpid waters, good food, hospitality and good service from the inhabitants of the wonderful villages of Pelio.


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