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Pouri is a traditional mountain village overrun by a chestnut and apple trees forest. It is separated from Zagora by a bright green glen and it is the last village reached from the road network in Eastern Pelio. Long before 1423, when the Turkish occupied Pelio, the coastal side of Pouri was inhabited by some families who, slowly, started moving higher on the mountain and consequently, the first village was formed in the middle of the 15th century. Step by step, the village grew bigger and by the end of the 18th century many families from Northern Epirus moved there. Nowadays, Pouri is famous for its chestnuts and apples.
In the village's square, known as The Aegean Balcony, visitors can enjoy their meal looking out over the beach of Horefto and if they are lucky enough to have a day with a clean atmosphere, they are able to see up to Halkidiki. The distance from Pouri to Elitsa and Analipsi is 3km, while you will need 8km to reach Ombryos, three isolated, sandy beaches, ideal for swimming. In Northeast Pelio you will find the gorgeous bright green village of Makrirahi, renowned for its production of flowers such as gardenias, camelias, magnolias etc. The village was named Makrirahi, which means long side, because it was built on a long mountainside that reaches the sea. We do not know the exact time during the Turkish occupation that the village was founded, but it is certain that in the beach of Banika, which is half in Makrirahi and half in Anilio, were found relics that prove the existence of ancient life. At the same space and on the top of a neighbouring, off-shore hill one can still see the few ruins of a medieval fort that the locals call Palaiokastro.

Today, Makrirahi has a Women's Agroturistic Association, whose main activity is the cultivation and commerce of local products (flowers, aromatic plants). In a 3km distance from Makrirahi you will find Agioi Saranta, the beach with the golden sand and the deep blue crystal water, where the green of the mountain joins the endless blue of the sea. Local relish and tsipouro are served at the beach tavern, while summer visitors can enjoy tranquillity and peace.

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